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Welcome to WebTrain Savvy – my name is David George and I enjoy Railways, Travel/Outdoors and Web Design/Programming.  I am even happier when all three fuse together and provide a vehicle to indulge in railway topics (both prototype/real-world and model railways) and promote railway discussion; that’s why this blog is a part of the “TheWebTrain“.  By the way, my background is in financial services management and, more recently, academic study/research.  I have a BSc in Information Systems Design and a PhD in Computing.

As one future insight to this blog, here are two pictures that I hope will provide a flavour of my railway interests: the first is of a locomotive travelling through the streets of Chur, in Switzerland; the second is a photo of my model railway diorama called “29th Street Wharf”.

Picture of Ge44ii_630_in Chur, Switzerland in 2007
Beware of Trains on the Continent!

I thought the Chur photo presented an intriging spectacle: after all, we all make sure we drive on the correct side of the road when driving abroad, don’t we?  You might consider that the imminent prospect facing the car driver would be one of your worst nightmares.  Was a disaster about to unfold before my eyes, as the RhB electric train made its way through Chur Stadt en route to Arosa?  I’ll be posting more on the subject, and on Swiss RhB metre gauge in Graubünden, in the near future.

The second picture shows an HO gauge model representation of a dockside railway yard, in a city somewhere on the  West Coast, USA.

A picture of my model railway diorama of 29th Street Wharf
29th Street Wharf – a model railway diorama

29th Street Wharf  was created by a friend, Roger Nicholls, who has demonstrated it at model railway exhibitions in the UK.  Fortunately, I was able to persuade him to part with it and it is now in the process of some appropriate changes, to reflect the evolution of railways over a period of time.  Again, this will be the subject of a forthcoming post.

That’s me – but what about you?  I welcome your comment and contribution – and hope that our interaction will generate constructive debate, useful information for sharing, and result in mutual respect of opinion – so that everyone gets something out of it and enjoys being here.

At the moment, you can comment on posts in one of two ways:

  1. informally, i.e. as a contibutor, by simply completing the comment box sections below a post (including a username and active e-mail address); this requires no login and your comments will be displayed as soon as they have been moderated/accepted;
  2. more formally, i.e. by requesting registration for approved subscriber status; this would likely be given after you have previously made an informal contribution that has been moderated/approved for display. Once approved, your subscriber login details would be e-mailed to you.

I hope that explains what this blog is about and how it operates; I look forward to seeing you participate on the Home page.

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