HS2 rail line, China and £11.8bn contracts

hi speed train
Face of the future?

24 September, 2015:  BBC News reported that George Osborne is urging Chinese firms to pitch for £11.8bn in construction contracts for the UK’s proposed HS2 rail line, during his recent visit to China. On the same day, The Guardian reported that Osborne was to invite competition for bids at an event in Chengdu – to attract Chinese investors to back HS2 and other major UK rail infrastructure projects, particularly across the north of England.

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The World’s fastest Railway Locomotive

Taurus Loco

Railway history has demonstrated the corporate fascination with speed and the development of high-speed networks across Europe, including the proposed HS2 addition to HS1 in Britain, illustrate a prevailing theme. One interesting question – which is the world’s fastest railway locomotive?

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