Liverpool Edge Hill Station making Railway History

0-8-0 hauled freight train from Wapping Goods station
Edge Hill – photo: Michael Delamar.

Railways, as we understand them, have been around for the best part of two centuries. The world’s first “modern” railway system was engineered by George Stephenson and used flange wheeled, self-propelled [steam] trains operating on nowadays traditional railway tracks. The railway connected the industrial cities of Liverpool and Manchester and it is on this route we find Liverpool Edge Hill station making railway history.

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Live SBB Trains Map – Swiss Railway System

The Swiss Railway (SBB) system is one of the most intensive in the world and it used to be possible to view a real-time Live Trains Map of the SBB, complete with train identification and train search functionality?  Unfortunately, as you will by now have found, it longer seems to be offered; indeed the web site is apparently up for sale (as at October 2015).   The map used to look like the image shown below.

Swiss Live Trains map
The original Live SBB Trains map used to show actual real-time movements – alas, no longer.

However, all is not lost, as an alternative is out there – to provide Swiss fans an opportunity to “watch” local, regional and inter city/national trains busily making their way across the country.

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A WebTrain Savvy Invitation

Welcome – I extend an invitation to you to join in the WebTrain Savvy railway blog: a new place to talk about what is important to people – in the world of the Web and the world of Trains (especially anything remotely train related).  The blog also forms part of my “TheWebTrain” site, where you can also find a dedicated railway image gallery covering both prototype/real world and model railway pictures. Continue reading “A WebTrain Savvy Invitation”